Patient Stories

Experiences with MBST magnetic resonance therapy

Since 1998, patients have experienced the effects of MBST magnetic resonance therapy for themselves – more than 350,000 to date. The stories describe personal, individual cases and are not transferable to other patients. The experiences report diagnoses, fears, sensations and the procedure of therapy.



I highly recommend that therapy to anyone

Some years ago, I suffered a fracture of my elbow in a sports accident. Surgery and rehabilitation were necessary. Unfortunately, the rehabilitation was hardly successful and I still was in great pain and my arm did not function properly afterwards. I could not fully stretch and hardly put stress on it. After some years, I had lost all hope that the pain would recede with time. That is why I consulted my orthopaedist. She recommended MBST therapy and I agreed immediately. The therapy started in January 2017. The effect set in immediately. Since then I am free of pain and I can move and use my arm completely. I have also suffered from intervertebral disc complaints for years. Since the first therapy proved to be so successful, I decided to do the same treatment for my back. My doctor had some doubts because I am pretty overweight with 105 kg. But already the first therapy unit brought an improvement. Therapy start was in April 2017. Until the first check-up in July I felt some pain from time to time but they were much slighter than before. At the time of the second check-up in November I was completely free of pain. I would repeat that kind of treatment if I need it and I highly recommend it to anyone.



Successful treatment of osteoarthritis – regained quality of life

I consulted the doctor because of a lasting pain in my hip. Not that strong but it still impeded walking and getting up the stairs very much. In the end, I could not walk more than 1.5 km. The orthopaedist tried an injection of cortisone which helped for a short time. But surgery was not recommended because the degeneration of cartilage was not yet so bad. In another specialised practice, the doctor very convincingly told me about magnetic resonance therapy as a longer-term treatment. The treatment was not very convenient at first and the increased pain worried me. But after a while it improved slowly but steadily. In the middle of July, it was very good. Now, a few weeks later, I have no more complaints. I cycle 10 km every day and hence have already lost 6 pounds. I can walk for about 3 hours without any pain. That is a lot in my age, I think. MBST has helped me very much and I have regained my quality of life. I recommend it anytime.



My life is back to normal – What luck!

So much I had given up... These fingers were not suitable for much anymore. Stiffness all the time, especially in the mornings. As if they were rusty. Making coffee required several minutes of stretching and bending. Otherwise I could not get my fingers around the cup. I felt like an old woman but I was only 58 years old. And I don’t want to start with the permanent pain. At work, it was also difficult. Always trying to do what worked best and with as little pain as possible. Typing on the keyboard – oh dear. I had also given up my hobbies one after the other though I had always like the pottery classes very much. I missed that, especially the company. But after a long day I just couldn’t make the effort to fight with my own fingers again. I heard about MBST therapy by chance, a patient at work told me about it. Of course, I thought about it for a while because of the costs, but who wants to be in pain all the time? I was treated for osteoarthritis treatment. 7 sessions, one hour per day. In the 3rd, it started to tingle. That was when I first believed that it might help. After the 7th session I was almost free of pain and it kept improving during the next few weeks. Until now, the pain has not returned. My fingers are still a little stiff but special exercises helped me to be able to cope with that. Most important is that the pain is gone which makes exercising much easier. And I can do what I like now and the results even start looking good again, now I can concentrate on what I am doing and not on avoiding the most painful movements. My life is back to normal – what luck.



Complete regression of bone necrosis without surgery

Early in the year I consulted the doctor because of massive complaints. I had put that off for as long as possible, waiting for it to improve by itself. But meanwhile the pain had become pretty severe and I could not bend my knee anymore as usual. Diagnosis was osteoarthritis of the knee. Because I had tried to rest the leg so much, the thigh muscles had started to degenerate. The doctor gave me injections into the knee that helped for some time. But after a few months, the pain returned stronger than before and the next injections did not help as good as before. My doctor recommended an arthroscopy to be able to diagnose it better but I decided that the risk is too high and the surgeon also was doubtful. Instead I had an MRI scan which showed that there was not only advanced arthrosis but also a bone edema which caused the pain and was almost bone necrosis. This can get serious and there are only few treatment options. One is the magnetic resonance therapy that is supposed to work very well on that kind of thing, as my doctor said. And I can confirm that. I had 9 hours of therapy, one on each day. I started feeling better even after the first 3 sessions. The pain had eased off and I was able to bend and stretch the knee again. Another MRI scan showed what I had already known by the improvement: the edema had regressed almost completely. And it seemed that the therapy had not only had an effect on the edema but also on the arthrosis. After 3 months, only little complaints remained and I could move and stress the leg without problems. I am very happy that it worked so well because this way I could prevent surgery and also further damage to the joint.



14 pills of painkillers didn’t help

When it was worst, I took up to 14 pills a day. The painkillers hardly helped. It began more than 7 years ago. I thought I had made a wrong movement, twisted the knee and tried to give it some rest even though I hated skipping training. Since the time I had been dancing in tournaments, training at least 3 times a week had become a part of my life. But after a while all keeping still didn’t do any good. I could only pull myself up the stairs by clutching the bannister, each step a new climax of pain. The x-ray shows how bad the arthrosis in my knee had become. The orthopaedist recommended surgery and prothesis implantation. But I refused to accept that, fearing I would have to give up dancing for good. So I tried gymnastics and took painkillers until I could not endure it any longer. In a magazine, I read about magnetic resonance therapy. My doctor was sceptical, he thought that the cartilage was already damaged too much for the therapy to have an effect. I still wanted to try and had 9 therapy units of 1 hour. At first, I didn’t feel al thing. Other patients said they had felt a tingling or warmth spreading through the joint treated. So I expected, it wouldn’t be able to help me. It took some time but that is understandable considering the amount of damage in my knee. 6 weeks later, I could feel something and then it got better all the time. That could even be seen on the x-rays. Today, I can dance again even though I have to be a bit careful. But it is a lot after the bad phases when I was afraid I'd be forced into a wheel-chair. I am happy and a bit proud that the therapy worked so well for me that I can walk as good as I do now.


HORST A., 64.

Surgery is off the table

My left knee started aching after a long and exhausting day at work. I didn’t give it much thought, after all I had had problems with it from time to time for about 10 years. I guess I am getting old, I always said to my wife. But this time, the pain didn’t stop again. I could hardly use the leg, bending the knee or walking down the stairs didn’t work anymore. I consulted a doctor because that was a grave restriction in my hobby and at work, I am working as a building expert. Advanced stage of damaged joint cartilage with the typical arthrotic chafing. The doctor told me to gird myself for the possibility of a bigger operation to implant an artificial knee joint. He referred me to the hospital who directly set a date for the operation. Another clinic confirmed the diagnosis. I had went there to get a second opinion because being self-employed I could hardly afford not working for such a long time for surgery and rehabilitation. It improved a bit after that so I postponed the operation again. Then a friend told me about a treatment called magnetic resonance therapy. I am open to new things so I had a consultation. I thought, why not try that before you get operated? It looks a bit like magnetic resonance tomograph but much smaller and you don’t feel a thing when you put the leg into that ring for an hour. I always made crossword puzzles. A slight improvement started right after the treatment and it kept improving until about 6 months after treatment. It is not unusual that the best result is only reached after half a year. I repeated the treatment about one and a half year later. When before I walked down the stairs backwards and tried to relieve the leg as much as possible, I have no more problems now. I can report that I can live absolutely normal without any restrictions or fear of movements. Surgery is off the table.


GRETA S., 77

I am ready to live like that for a long time

I know that I am not that fit anymore. Walking is difficult, has been for some time, but I could cope quite well at home. Some pinching here and there, I can put down to old age. That is why I only consulted my doctor when I really couldn’t take it anymore and my shoulder hurt with every movement. I only then realized how much you are moving the shoulders. I always like knitting for example and made a lot for my grandchildren. Even the big one, she is 15, sometimes ordered things from me. But I stopped enjoying it because of that pain. My granddaughter talked me into speaking with the doctor. I tried some kind of radiation for it but that didn’t work. Then he proposed MBST therapy. I was not convinced, especially as it felt quite difficult to climb on that treatment couch and lie there for a while. But then it was surprisingly comfortable and the girl there was very nice and helped me. It helped quite well, it improved distinctly. After 10 weeks, I had less pain. It is not gone completely, about 70% I would say. But that is fine. I am old, I always have some ache in one place or other. But I am ready to live like that for a long time. And the big one is happy, not only because of her new jumper. See, now I have also done something for you, she said.


LUCIA G., 21

Eating is fun again now

I have suffered from CMD, craniomandibular dysfunction, for 5 years, that is a disorder in the cooperation of muscles, ligaments and joints of the masticatory apparatus. Because the symptoms vary very much it can take a long time until it is diagnosed correctly and then can be treated. That was also the case for me. One symptom is long-persisting teeth grinding. As the jaw is practically always tense, I developed an arthritis of the jaw which caused most severe pain in both joints of the jaw for several years. I usually needed IBU 800 to get through the day. I could not eat banana or soup because my jaw was almost blocked and I could not open my mouth wide enough. But in contrast to other body parts, the jaw can't be rested. You need to eat, speak... One day, the general practice I was working at got a new therapy system for the treatment of osteoarthritis. My boss suggested that I could try it first: "See, if it is worth its salt." At first, my problems increased which almost made me fall into despair. But fortunately, that was only for a short time. It is a sign that the body reacts, that it is working. And that proved to be true because it really got better quite soon. 8 months later, I was free of complaints. I can open my mouth again normally and without pain. I wake up without that constant pain in the area of head, mouth and ear. Only since it is gone, I have realized how many symptoms had been caused by the disease. Those were no normal headaches for example. And eating is fun again now. Everything is great.



I recommend trying it – you can gain so much

At first, I did not really notice how bad my hip had gotten because it was such a slow process. It had started many years ago and the distance I could walk was slowly but steadily decreasing. But it was fine when I did not put stress on the leg. That is why I always thought I had just done too much and a little rest would do the trick. After all, I am in my late 70s, so I thought, well, I am not getting younger. I only realized how short my walking distance had become when my neighbours asked me about it. I could not do a single step without my hip making itself felt. The pain often spread down to my feet. I had a coxarthrosis grade III at that time. We tried injections with cortisone then which did help but only for a few months. I don't like syringes so I did not want to do that long-term. But I also could not make the decision for surgery so my orthopaedist suggested MBST therapy which I then did. It took about a month but then it really got better. I was not expecting that anymore actually but it improved steadily. Treatment was about 1 year ago. Today, I am to the greatest extent free of complaints, neither walking distance nor mobility are restricted. I am hopeful that it will stay like this, at least I don't feel any decline yet. I recommend trying it. You can gain so much.


DR. I. T., 82

No more waking up at night because of knee pain

Pain every day, at getting up, at walking. Sometimes in the right knee, sometimes in the left or in both. Every evening fearing waking up again with that knee pain. That was my life for several years. Pain killers, injections, acupuncture or physiotherapy always only helped partly and for a short time. One year ago, I heard about MBST magnetic resonance therapy from my orthopaedist. I decided to try that and I am very happy I did. No more waking up at night because of knee pain. No problems at walking. I can go shopping or for a walk. Only getting up the stairs is hard, depending on the day. And there are days, when one of the knees does hurt. But I can say: I am very content with the success of the MBST magnetic resonance therapy and thankful for the way it helped me.

There is nothing more important than good health and the resulting better quality of life.

The patient reports are for informational purposes only. In no case can and shall they replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment or be used as a basis for an independent change or termination of disease treatment. If you have any health-related questions or complaints, please always consult our doctor. The statements on the efficacy and tolerability of the MBST therapy are based on the experience of the treating physicians and their patients in the application of the therapy. Since every human being is different, the success of a method in medicine cannot be guaranteed.