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SHOULDER PAIN TREATMENT at RejúveMagnetic Specialist Centre Singapore

Common Symptoms Of Shoulder Pain
  • Pain at rest and at night
  • Pain when slept one side
  • Pain when lifting your arms or
            while lowering it
  • Shoulder pain with specific movements
  • Dull, achy pain in one shoulder
  • A crackling sensation when moving your shoulder
Common Causes Of Shoulder Pain

Common causes: Sprains, brachial plexus injury, fractures, dislocated shoulder.
Rotator Cuff tear: The cuff refers to a group of muscles encompassing the shoulder. Overuse of these muscles can cause shoulder pain.
Adhesive Capsulitis: Adhesive Capsulitis, or known as Frozen Shoulder, is a condition in which the shoulder capsule and the tissues around become inflamed and stiff, causing severe pain in the shoulder region.

When to seek help for shoulder pain?
  • Continuous and persistent
  • Severe
  • Inability to use the joint or move your arm
  • Swelling or redness
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