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WRIST PAIN TREATMENT at RejúveMagnetic Specialist Centre Singapore

Common Symptoms Of Wrist Pain
  • Stiffness in the wrist and fingers
  • Difficulty when trying to hold or
            grasp objects
  • Moving the wrist creates a clicking sound
  • Impaired sensation cannot differentiate heat and cold
  • General numbness, tingling sensation (paresthesia) and
            weakness of the hand
Common Causes Of Wrist Pain

Daily activities: Day-to-day activities such as lifting, typing, or using equipment that vibrates the hand.
Carpel tunnel syndrome: A condition that occurs when a ligament in the wrist thickens and puts pressure on a nerve.
Osteoarthritis: A condition that causes inflammation in the joints.
Rheumatoid arthritis: Also known as RA, is a disease where healthy tissues are broken down by your own body’s immune system.
Wrist tendonitis: This condition can occur when the tendons in the wrist acquire small tears or become disturbed and inflamed.
Wrist bursitis: When the small fluid-filled sacs that cushion the joints, called the Bursa become inflamed, they cause pain.

When to seek help for wrist pain?
  • Pain that interferes with everyday activities
  • When there’s no feeling in the fingers or hand
  • Numbness and tingling increases
  • Persistent pain
  • Inability to lift objects
Non-invasive wrist pain treatment.


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